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  • "Because of our large overall staff size (120+ full-time staff), we felt our best option was to hire full-time IT personnel to replace what we had lost…… We had never outsourced something as mission-critical as IT support, and while we were a bit skeptical that they could handle a company as large as ours, those concerns were quickly satisfied when we saw how they operate their business."

    - R.F., IT Manager, Nutritional Supplements Company

  • "…with (the) team’s help, we were able to get back up and running within a few hours. Had we not been in this partnership, we almost certainly would have lost several days or weeks attempting to get things patched together.”

    - J.L., Executive Pastor of Administration, Large Austin-Area Church

  • “We knew we needed to expand our IT budget a bit but we were concerned about letting a third party dictate where we invest our resources…..getting advice from a vendor carries with it a certain conflict of interest, and we wanted to be sure we were getting what was right for our business not just what made our IT provider the most money. Your company model has taken that potential conflict off the table, and we appreciate that we can trust what your team proposes.”

    - R.K., Custom Solutions Manager, Regional Distributor

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At Live Oak IT Partners, we define an “IT Partner” as someone who thoroughly understands the needs and goals of their clients and who makes recommendations based on what helps them achieve success. Unfortunately, this is not the industry standard. Most IT service companies create partnerships with vendors to resell their products, which allows them to collect a profit or partnership commission. At Live Oak, the only partnerships we have are with our clients. We’ll never recommend a suboptimal product and you will never pay more than our cost for the services and products we suggest.


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Get Your IT Together


Your company isn’t like every other company, and neither is its IT needs. You might want to migrate to the cloud or increase your Wi-Fi reliability, but how could we know? We haven’t met you yet.

Let us conduct a thorough audit of your company’s IT infrastructure and analyze your needs. Then we’ll provide a plan that encompasses every solution to help on your path to growth.

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Small to medium businesses and nonprofits can get full support from a dedicated partner.